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Improving Timing

Try this:

Stand next to a table. Place a clicker on the table where your right or left hand can reach it comfortably without your looking. Now, in your right or left hand (the one away from the clicker side), hold a bunch of keys, a ball, or some other fairly dense object. When ready, hold the object straight out from the shoulder, drop the object, reach for and grasp the clicker, click AS THE OBJECT STRIKES THE GROUND. Don't click before or after. If you can, have someone else watch and judge your timing, or videotape. As a variation, when you get good (10 out of 10), begin to lower the dropping hand to shorten the time between release and hitting the floor.

That is just a start. When you get that down pat, switch the hand that drops the object to the CLICKING HAND. Thus, if you click with the right hand, hold out the right hand with the object, drop it, reach with that same hand to get the clicker and click just as the object hits the ground. When you can do that 8 out of 10 times you are pretty good.

In the old, testosterone driven training days, we did not have the box clickers common today. We fabricated our own clickers, and they were somewhat easier to grasp and use. Good luck.

Bob Bailey
copyright 2001 Bob Bailey


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